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Here to help you care for mature trees on your private property

There is an average 93% satisfaction rate among HTC 101 participants. The majority of those who take the classes say they would take a class again.

Home Tree Care 101

How HTC 101 works

Each spring and fall, we send out a list of dates to our email list and invite residents to sign up for an HTC 101 class in their neighborhood. A neighborhood organizer  checks in with neighbors who want to take the class. We assign an arborist/Maryland Licensed Tree Care Expert for your class.  Our expert will come to your community to do a walking tour and evaluate the condition of individual trees. We demonstrate pruning, mulching and removal of invasive vines that you can manage on our own at home.

We discuss safety when working with trees and will also let you know when it's a good idea to call in a professional for your tree work.

A volunteer will get in touch with you.  There is a small charge of $25 for each class attendee. Each class participant will also receive a copy of 

Healthy Trees, Healthy Communities: A Guide to Tree Care in Montgomery County, Maryland.

Classes are also available in the Spanish language. 

Quick Videos on Tree Care
Episode 1: Picking Your Tree
Episode 2: Planting Your Tree
Episode 3: Mulching Your Tree
Episode 4: Pruning Your Tree
Additional Resources:

HTC 101 has been supported by a grant from the Montgomery County government, in-kind contributions from Conservation Montgomery and a $25 fee for each class participant.

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