Welcome to Conservation Montgomery.  Our goal is to work as a community to enhance the quality of life in Montgomery County, Maryland which is just north of Washington, D.C.  Established in 1776 and known as a “gateway to the nation’s capital,” our county is composed of diverse land uses and wonderfully diverse cultures within our population of 1 million people.  We have urban communities in the Down County and rural communities Up County.  Scroll down this page for a community calendar and information on our programs. We invite you to learn more about vital county natural resources worth protecting. If you live outside of our county, come and visit one of the nation's most desirable places to live.



Conservation Montgomery thanks the Montgomery County Council for unanimous passage of Bill 41-14 which bans the use of polystyrene food containers in the county. Our streets, streams and creeks will be cleaner as a result of this legislation.


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About 85% of the Montgomery County tree canopy is on privately owned land. Take a Home Tree Care 101 class this year and learn how to care for your mature trees at home. Each session covers pruning, mulching, planting and removal of invasive plants that can kill a tree. A certified arborist leads HTC 101 as an outdoor, hands-on class in your neighborhood. A $20 per-person fee goes to the Conservation Montgomery community tree-planting fund. We thank the Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection for grant support for these classes.

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Understanding Trees
By Lea Sanon

Just because trees can’t talk
Doesn’t mean we can just them down
Doesn’t mean we can burn trees down
Doesn’t mean they don’t have feelings.

Just because trees can’t talk
Doesn’t mean they don’t want to leave.

I see lots of beautiful trees
I smell pines.
I hear birds singing.
I feel a cold breeze.
I taste fresh air.
I think it’s paradise.

I don’t understand
Why people would want to destroy our parks,
Why some wild animals have to flee their habitats,
Why people can be so selfish.

But most of all,
Why humans cut trees down
Why we put others in danger of air pollution
Why we must throw litter on our local streets and parks.

What I understand most is
Why the wild animals love wandering around in the wilderness
Why it smells so fresh
Why the birds sing
Why water runs on tree roots.

The poem above is work generated by the Conservation Montgomery Young Environmental Writers (YEW) Workshop. We will publish various forms of environmental writing by local high school students who participated in this project funded by a grant from the Ohio-based Green Shanny Foundation. Read more about the YEW project in our latest e-newsletter.







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